RocoMamas Eating Competition.
Three minutes and 25 seconds. This is the fastest time in which two hungry guys finished a RocoMamas Rocksburger, which comprises four 150g smashburger patties, four layers of cheddar cheese and four layers of bacon, and small fries. No leftovers or vegetables, cheese, meat or bread roll were allowed to remain on the plate; only onion rings may have been removed. The competition was on and ended in a tie. Luke Gericke (23) and Danie van Wyk (20) now own the title of Rocksburger of the Year and will get a plaque on the wall in the restaurant. In celebration of RocoMamas Boksburg’s first birthday, in October, the branch challenged its customers to ”smash” a Rocksburger and small fries in less than six minutes. Those who finished the entire meal in the fastest time were invited back to RocoMamas Boksburg for a friendly competition, on Wednesday, November 23, Ten men challenged each other to the title of Rocksburger of the Year in the big eat off. The vibe in the restaurant was pumping and supporters motivated their favorite candidate. With their game faces on and a bit of tension in the air, the ten participants literally smashed the burger and fries into their mouths. It was a messy, but fun affair! Danie, who came all the way from Orkney, told the Advertiser that to him it’s a bigger achievement sharing the title of Rocksburger of the Year with Luke, because he put on a strong competition. “This just made it much more exciting,” he said. His game plan was to stay calm and eat – “It’s just another eating competition”. Luke, a Benoni resident, said that it really was a great feeling (to be one of the winners) and tough competition. His strategy was: Putting his head down, not worrying about anyone else and concentrating on smashing that burger in his face. “I wish RocoMamas had more eating competitions – (I) think I would do all of them.”