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After many months of delayed release, we finally have the first version of our app completed and available for download in the Google Play Store and soon to be iOS App Store.

We are proud to present you with the only fully navigable VR App. Say goodbye to interrupting your immersive experience by having to remove your mobile headset! Bid farewell to getting stuck on a virtual island due to bluetooth controllers work only half of the time. When viewing stereoscopically with a VR headset, you can browse through every aspect of our app through head movements and a small crosshair tool. This allows for undistracted, uninterrupted VR, which will in turn give you an enhanced viewing session.

Our app offers over 10 different categories of videos, the ability to upload your own 360 content, and the option to create your own video playlists. So follow our link to our app, and prepare for your first fully immersive VR experience.

Thank You All,
Vincent Swann